Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is just a filler blog...

Well so while I was researching what I was going to make this weekend.....yes I do that.  I decided there was some prosciutto in the refridgerator that hadn't been gobbled up yet and I needed something to go with my soup I just had for I felt I would share this wonderfully simple yet almost fancy sandwich. 

So you need a prosciutto panino rolled with mozzarella cheese and basil, you can find it in the cheese section in the deli. It looks something like this above.  So you take two pieces of bread and spread olive oil with a basting brush, on one side of the bread.  I go out on a limb and use my garlic press and put some garlic in the olive oil.  Ok, so then you cut the prosciutto in slices, about 1/2 inche thick.  So you put your olive oil side of the bread in a semi heated pan, put a layer of prosciutto on the bread, one slice of tomato, and then the other piece of bread.  It's really just like a traditional grilled cheese but better and you can impress friends pretty easily.

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