Monday, June 4, 2012

I just thought I was fat, turns out I'm inflamed.

So wow, it's been a minute. 

As most of you know I have had to change up my diet recently.  Did you all know you have an inflammation number? Well you do and apparently it's supposed to be under the number 1.  Now that seems impossible to me.  How can you be under the number 1? I think this is a trick........

Well needless to say I was told I had to start eating more "anti inflammatory" foods.  Well alrighty! Done and done. Wait....what does that mean?  The doctor says : "You know like broccoli, cauliflower and dark leafy greens like spinach." OH! OK! I got that. 

I get out of the office and call my mother.  I'm sure you can all relate, I tell my mother what the doctor said and I get the immediate response of, "I'm on Amazon now, I've ordered the cookbook."  So I start researching anti inflammatory foods and turns out there's a whole diet and movement out there.  So I have been looking through these restrictive rules and have come to one conclusion; if I stick to this diet strictly I will die of unhappy starvation. I can really come to no other conclusion.

Ok so as a completely normal course of action, I decide I can only ever shop at Whole Foods ever again.  Which works because of the small amount of red meat and chicken I can eat, they are the only ones who sell it.  My first thought when I get to Whole Foods the next day is, ok so I like to snack, alot, so i should find a snack.  According to Pinterest, roasted chickpeas are delicious. So I buy two cans of chickpeas (we'll talk about the kale chips another time, I have to prepare for that one).  So I get home and prepare my two cans of chickpeas like the directions say.

(Don't be jealous of my fancy cookware)

So I ate a couple and well they were chewy, I says to myself "hey, this is a double batch, you have to cook it longer."

Yep, half ended up burnt.  I haven't tried these again, however I will tell you the ones that turned out right were very good.  So I will be trying these again.  So on to the first dinner.  I decided chicken stir fry would be great for the Bok Choy I got, which I was sure no one else but Whole Foods sold. 

This was still in the pan.  It had chicken, not free range sorry, bok choy, mushrooms, sesame seed oil, and soy sauce. Wow. Sparse. It was very good but not much to it.  I have since added bell peppers, onions, bean sprouts and spinach. 

I was asked to blog this process and it has taken me a couple of weeks to sit down and actually do this.  I think why I'm ok with doing it today was because I went back to the doctor today.  I went back to the doctor today and after finding a groove in this eating pattern my blood pressure and heart rate are down to a healthy level.  SOLD!

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