Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What am I doing!?!

Ok, well here goes.  If there was one thing I never thought I would be, it would be a "blogger".  However I hav found several blogs I enjoy lately and have gotten positive feed back on them when I've shared them with friends.  However, the fact is I love to cook.  This passion has come and gone over the years however recently I have become a little obsessed.  My life is hectic during the fall with football so my goal is to find meals which are quick and somewhat healthy for practice nights and things which are a little more gourmet yet easy enough for anyone to make.  I enjoy making new things and empressing friends and family, I hope you will too.  I am going to try to post pics along with whatever food I am working with. So, bear with me, I am a busy gal however will try to post regularly.

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